What's a Brand name product?

Recently I had a conversation with one of our schools that had been approached by a competitor who had offered prices much lower than ours. I asked for a copy of their list (without their pricing) to see what was being offered. Here's what I found:

The other company used some familiar brands, like Dixon and Fiskars. However, they didn't identify which Dixon or Fiskars product they would be using. While both of these companies offer lower priced items in their lines, we've always used the Ticonderoga pencils (asked for by many teachers) and have always offered the Fiskars For Kids brand of scissors.

We've also found that a number of companies are calling their company brands as Name Brand products. Sorry. Elmers is the name brand for glue and glues sticks, not "S*****S, or *O***** ****t. (I really don't want to promote them. :) )

So what does it mean in the end? If the teachers and parents are looking for the highest quality products from companies they've become familiar with, that's what we do.

"Just keepin' it real" (Randy Jackson)


Random thoughts

I had a few random topics go through my head lately. None of them seem worth a whole blog, but I thought I'd share them in one.


Apparently what couldn't be done by the Army, Marines, CIA, Secret Service, Special Ops and other military organizations was accomplished by a wife. The word is out that his first wife was a little miffed when she moved into the compound where bin Laden was eventually found and killed. It seems that his newest wife was sharing a room with him on the 1st floor and the first wife got a room on the second floor. Now some are suggesting that she's the one who turned him in. The man should have watched "Big Love" on HBO to see how to keep three wives smiling.


Just received mail from New York LIfe Insurance Company and Mass Mutual asking for my vote for the new Directors to the Board. They have a check box to select "all" the candidates or another box where you can exclude someone from the vote. It looks like I don't have to do anything since they're running unopposed.

I call on CNN to schedule the first of 20 debates for these candidates and add me to the mix. I'm guessing that I might need the Director compensation package (maybe $50,000 a year for 2-4 meetings?) more than these people. Let me know if anyone else is interested in being on the Board.


Found a really good video about school budget cuts. The parents and students at a school in the Los Angeles area have put together a parody of the Rebecca Black video "Friday" that went viral. It's a pretty good production and fun to watch. It doesn't really matter what side of the political spectrum you're on. School budgets are facing cuts and the video promotes contributing to schools. You can catch it here: My School Your School.