Follow Up for Lily

Just a few days after posting the last blog, Erin Dove posted the following. Makes you stop and think how we take so much for granted.

Hard to breathe
By Erin Dove — 18 hours ago
Many of you have heard the news already, but we would like to share with our entire caringbridge family. We will need all your love, support, help, and prayers. 

We are overwhelmed, heartbroken, saddened and angered by the news we received this weekend. Our sweet, selfless Bailey has been diagnosed with leukemia. 

Lily's journey brought tears of fear and the unknown. Now we are crying tears of anger, "why", and the known. 

Tomorrow (Monday) we will learn more about exactly what type of leukemia she has. And a general idea of how to treat. Exact treatment protocols won't be known until after the induction phase of treatment based on how the leukemia cells respond to the first month. It's a big day tomorrow with a lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspiration, and placement of a picc line. 

We welcome your comments, texts, emails, and prayers. Please know that we may not respond in a timely manner or at all, as we are focused on the well being of our entire family. Again we will try to keep our kids lives as normal as possible, so please continue to reach out to them and us. 

We will continue to update as we know more. 



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